Surrealist paintings

                                            (  All  Organ  or  Bone Paintings)



                                                     Organic Garden
                                                     h 90cm x w 75cm
                                                     Oil on canvas





                                             Waiting for Resurrection            Seeds
                                             w 75cm x h 100cm                     w 90cm x h 70cm
                                             Oil on canvas                           Oil on canvas





                                             hidden organs - nature through my eyes
                                             h 90cm x w 120cm
                                             oil  on  canvas




                                     Cranial Illusion                                Butterfly or what?
                                     h 60cm x w 50cm                             h 60cm x w 50cm
                                     Oil  on  canvas                                Oil on board




                                  "dreaming"                                             "breathing"
                                  Oil  on  canvas                                       Oil on canvas
                                  w 90cm x h 60cm                                    w 90cm x 60cm


                                              Organic  Seascape
                                              w 150cm x h 90cm
                                              Oil  on board



                                            Let's  relax                                                       
                                            w 150cm x h 110cm                                           
                                            Oil on canvas






                                   Entry to purgatory                                     In the Wood
                                   h 130cm x w 120cm (2x60cm)                       h 130cm x w 60cm             
                                   oil  on  canvas                                            oil on canvas                                                                                                                                                                     




                           Lady With Scarf                                   Funny Flowers
                           h 60cm x w 50cm                                 h 75cm x w 60cm
                           oil  on  canvas                                     oil  on  board




                        Organic Landscape                                        Spleen Flowers
                        w 86cm x h 63cm                                          h 120cm x w l00cm
                        oil on board                                                 oil on canvas




                      Doctors Vege Bowl                                                      Miss  Spleen
                        w 120cm x h 90cm                                                       h 120cm x w 90cm
                        oil on canvas                                                                oil on board