Traditional Paintings  



                                    At Fitzgerald National Park
                                    w 120cm x h 90cm
                                    oil on canvas




                                          Edith Falls  NT
                                          h 100cm x w 120cm
                                          Oil on canvas




                            Flowering Corymbia                        Happy Banksia
                            w 50cm x h 60cm                           w 40cm x h 80cm
                            oil on canvas                                 oil on canvas


                                                 In my garden
                                                 Oil  on  canvas
                                                 h 100cm x w 75cm




                                              Walking along Berowra Creek
                                              Oil on canvas
                                              w 120cm x h 90cm



                                     The beauty of Australian Trees                  Native flowers
                                     (triptych)                                                h 60cm x w 45 cm
                                      h 75cm x  w (3x) 30cm                            Oil on canvas
                                      Oil on canvas




                                                   Barrier Reef
                                                   Oil on canvas
                                                    w 120 cm x h 90 cm



                             Sunrise from the boat                                          Happy Fish                                  
                             Oil  on  canvas                                                   Oil on canvas                                           
                             w 120 cm x h 90 cm                                            h 100 cm x w 50 cm                                 



                                     At The Beach                               Umina Beach
                                     Oil on canvas                               Oil on canvas
                                     w 50cm x h 40cm                          w 50cm x h 40cm




                                                Sunday my neighbours dog
                                                h 70cm x w 50cm




                     Two Friends                                              Last Touch
                     h 40cm x w 50cm                                       h 60cm x w 50cm
                     oil  on  canvas                                           oil  on  canvas